Monday, June 15, 2009

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Controversy Asset Division
By Cecep

The division of assets Pemkot with Pemkab Tasikmalaya, pull overextend still occur, so it is not the point of light, and still require a long time. Sinyalemen revealed that some of the statements that say, of elements in the leadership council and city council districts.
As the Chairman of the DPRD Kab Tasikmalaya, H Uu Ruzhanul Ullum say, the asserted, if any assets require Pemkot Tasikmalaya namely Bapeda Office in Jalan Otto Iskandar Dinata and also other assets, are only taken immediately, but Uu thus suggests that at this time Kab. Tasikmalaya is a budget to build a new capital in Singaparna.
This is expressed by Uu Ruzhanul Ullum said in a statement that the head of the Legislative Commission D, the City of Tasikmalaya, Pepen Ruspendi, to scrutinize the DPRD Kab. Tasikmalaya. Pepen propose to Pemkab. Tasikmalaya immediately complete the issue with the city's assets.
"If the city needs, please just take assets, but the city must also understand at this time, because the district is a budget to build the center's capital so please be assisted," he said Sunday (14 / 6) yesterday.
Since the beginning, go to Uu, the memory of all assets owned to allow Kab. Tasikmalaya in the Tasikmalaya city to have, but the consequences of the city also must understand the circumstances experienced Kab. Tasikmalaya, as a postscript Pemkot Tasik Mother uterus, is very difficult to build a new central government.
Previously, the Chairman of Commission D DPRD Kota Tasikmalaya, Pepen Ruspendi holds, asset sales may not be sold to the wishes of others, especially based on the rules that apply at this time that Law No. 10 year 2001, the assets are in the area of the expansion, the government automatically become the property of the results it.
For that, Uu on this point during the Pemkot there is no intention to assist both parties Kab. Tasikmalaya in the central capital of the new. Properly, if you want to issue asset Pemkot completed at least support in the budget at the provincial or central government for the development of a new capital city.
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