Sunday, June 21, 2009

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Residents Sambongpari scene, tiny Baby in the House in Place Dadang

By Cecep SA

Residents in Kampung Babakan Kadu to shindy the discovery of a baby in the neighboring terrace house. Babies found that women in healthy condition, complete with baby equipment. Up to now have not known who discard. The baby is suspected of deliberately digeletakan on the terrace to be treated by the find.
Since Saturday (20 / 6) early days, house husband and wife pair Dadang Suherlan (53) and Ny. Titin (47) in Kampung Babakan Kadu RT 19/05 Sambongpari, Mangkubumi District, City Tasikmalaya, many visited neighbors. Residents who do want to see immediately that the baby funny new found approximately at 02.00 WIB, in the terrace house Dadang. Condition, in wrap blankets, and baby beside there a bag baby equipment.
According to witnesses, Andre Mustofa (18), the baby was deliberately kept in the front of the terrace house when Andre has not been sleeping. while chatting with the two friends near the mosque, not far from the house Dadang.
At that time, suddenly a motorcycle REVO get a ride on a bicycle with the veiled women pass there. Originally Andre thinks they are motorcycle taxis, which take passengers to the neighboring village. But not long after motorcycle reverse direction again and still get a free ride passengers.
Right Dadang home front, they stop. Women's hooded down earlier and save something in Dadang terrace house. After that he rush ride a motorcycle again, and disappeared toward Sewaka Jl. Andre's a to check go. In fact, there is a terrace house Dadang a female baby, who just so in place.
The findings estimated that infants aged 4 months was reported directly to the owner's house, Dadang. At that time also Dadang, sandals businessman directly manage the baby. Baby's tiny body wrapped yellow full dress, and wearing earrings ears.
Meanwhile, parents also provide baby clothes with baby equipment in a bag. Not yet known who the baby's parents. Dadang feel compassion for the baby that, when asked, are willing to to attend. The baby is suspected of deliberately in place in the terrace house to be treated by the find.

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