Sunday, April 26, 2009

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Approximately 522 M3 Waste not Transport Each Day

Approximately 522.4 M3 or 40% of the 1306 M3 waste every day in the area of Tasikmalaya no ter transport by officials, because of limited staff, but also because the facilities and infrastructure limitations waste transporter. The remaining waste of the city than Resik made compost, also conducted the election and pemilahan.
"We want the pattern of waste in the city of Tasikmalaya not only the pattern of transportation, but first pemilahan made between organic and unorganik and processing into organic fertilizer, and transportation that are against the rest of the course," said Deputy Mayor Tasikmalaya, Dede H Sudrajat, after the Day Earth in the field Dadaha, Saturday (25 / 4).
According to Dede H, to address waste-waste, the Pemkot Tasikmalaya study was to appeal to the District Bekasi. Processing waste in there, go Dede H, can be done with simple technology and simple, environmentally friendly and can be expected in the city of Tasikmalaya. While transporting waste ideally be done using the trash truck 60, while in the city of Tasikmalaya new to transport using 25 trucks in three waste "rit" per day to the final waste disposal (TPA) in the area Ciangir Tamansari Gobras.
"I worry that the carriage only, without any processing and pemilahan, TPA will Ciangir saturated in the end," Deputy Mayor deception.
When answering questions about transportation obstacles in the garbage, Dede H Sudrajat said, because in addition to its constraints of limited budget, is also limited fleet. "I expect to be transporting waste is 100 percent every day, for some time that we already have the support to the members of the council, to agree to increase the fleet of garbage," he said.
Earth Day in the City of Tasikmalaya, followed by 250 students, consisting of Unsil Tasikmalaya, UIN Jakarta, Garut STKIP, UPI Bandung, Community Care Environment (Kopling) Tasikmalaya, Bandung Unpad, and Kwarcab Pramuka Tasikmalaya City.
Students than do orasi, and teatrikal, also clean the waste in the field Dadaha. According to the Chairman of the Kopling, Ucu Anwar Surahman, regard the event after seeing some of the activities of national and world nuance for this, always impressed seremonial, who had never applied.
"For that, we invite students to share model provide to the community. The garbage problem is a problem all of us. So do not throw each other the responsibility to one another, between community with the government," said Ucu.
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