Tuesday, July 7, 2009

World News Headlines

In the World Today is Animal News

by Cecep SA

Animals that today's headlines for many reasons. The problem is that animals tend to ‎make the news of the horrible, unthinkable things happen. In all states across the United ‎States and every country around the world atrocities happen to animals large and small ‎every day. We have covered the news involving dogs and cats, as well as a variety of ‎animals being watched to death, beaten to death, burned with acid, inhumane execution, ‎plus a host of other ways. We have written stories about animals that were killed for the ‎fun of it for the sick and people by accident that he loved most. But with all the negative ‎headlines that animals are involved, there are a number of animals that make for ‎wonderful news, humor and heart reasons.

Many dogs and cats can be said that their owners would not be alive if it were not for ‎them. Dogs and cats have called the police when their owners were in trouble and need ‎medical help, the dogs have to wake up the owners to let them know there was a fire in ‎the house and others have been the driving force behind the laws that enacted in helping ‎to make the world a better place to live. Then I put one of my favorite articles I've written ‎highights that one of the many reasons a happy animal has made the news. I hope you ‎enjoy it.

In the annual Genesis Awards, sponsored by the Humane Society, a black labrador who is ‎now called Katrina, was honored for his efforts to save their lives. A man from New ‎Orleans who were trapped in water after Hurricane recalled how the dog helped her to ‎reach higher ground, without it he would surely have drowned. The awards dinner was ‎attended by activists of the rights of animals given the dog a standing ovation. Katrina ‎was rescued from a shelter after the man's story was reported in a local television station ‎in Los Angeles.‎

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