Friday, July 3, 2009

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75 hectares Irrigated threatened Failed Harvest

by Cecep SA

Approximately 75 hectares of rice fields in four villages threatened by failed harvests, due to a rat attack is high enough intensity and until now hold the villages there. Four villages in the area of the District Bojonggambir ie Mangkonjaya Village, Village Ciroyom, Village and Village Bojonggambir the Kamulyan.
Information obtained, while about 13 hectares of rice field in the village at this time Mangkonjaya in damaged condition worse and can not planted anything, because the area was struck down erosion, and its irrigation field so far can not be used again, so make the farmers in the village for farming plant back.
Village Mangkonjaya in the region, noted that rice fields were damaged in the block Cilimus, Cibitung, Butun, lace and Cikareo Jamu and partly in the Village Bojonggambir block Bojong Randeg. And not only that, about 17 ha of rice field in a desert other people, because people with rice not freeze confess that they can not be planted again.
Actually said Maman, Ikin (45), and Umar (50) other citizens, Mangkonjaya difficulties in farming in the plant has been running for two years since the landslide occurred.
In addition to failed harvests, residents also claim to worry about, because at this time will be the long dry season, so farming for planting in the region more difficult. Raskin (poor rice) the damaged more rice that is quite difficult to help them, already two months this does not exist. To survive and meet the needs of day-to-day life people sell their valuables.
In separate places, the rice dealer staff Johar District Bojonggambir justify Raskin, Raskin rice at this time to not have its district. This is happening because there are three villages that until now have not settle the arrears in the payment Raskin rice.
"Outstanding months ago in May of Rp 30 million, three villages have not been paid. Then its BULOG not want to send this rice to the District Tasik if not paid, at least half its later be used again," said Johar.

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