Friday, July 10, 2009

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Food Possible toxic bacteria Staphylococcus

by Cecep SA

Despite not yet known the exact cause of poisoned 146 residents suffered four villages in ‎the Village Sukamahi, District Sukaratu, Kabupaten Tasikmalaya, but suspected it was ‎caused while the bacteria Staphylococcus. Ie the normal bacteria on the skin stick to his ‎man, and then drop or go into the food that people eat due to a its virulence.

So disclosed Head Tasikmalaya District Health Office, dr Herdis Kiswa, Friday (10 / 7). ‎‎"Viewing events that bygones, their virulence due to Staphylococcus bacteria, the ‎bacteria stick to this kind of ulcer on the skin ulcer and scab, but it is not. Because the ‎sample is still in the test food in Labkesda Province, can be also due to chemical ‎substances-substances that endanger body, " Herdis deception.
For that, the test sample food not only in terms of the chemistry course, but also seen in ‎terms of the micro-biological. When asked the possibility of flavor cuisine expired, ‎Herdis words, it may be possible.
‎"Because the ingredients can be expired, only this time various parties have very strong ‎incentive prohibit food, spices or any expired already sold," he said.
According Herdis, from placement to start processing health cuisine can be a factor that ‎causes food to be healthy we consider poison.
‎"Can due only by the cook who has a contagious disease such as TB, Hepatitis, or disease ‎that does not heal-heal. It is time to cook germs is dead but the virus is still there or ‎because the food can be stored in the wrong place or the cuisine is still hot already ‎wrapped, "he said.
Due to frequent cases of toxication, Dinkes District Tasik distribute any handbill which ‎contains Regent Call to Camat and health, to take food to the espionage community.
‎"That way, they have to cook before washing hands and it should be the main healthy. ‎Very is important, especially for an intent should coordinate with public health," he said.
In addition, the steer-substances harmful substances from food also needs to, because ‎people in the rural areas tend to forget and keep dangerous substances-substances near ‎the kitchen, so that sometimes in a hurry because people think that cooking is astringent ‎flavor cuisine.
Be like, 146 people from four villages in the two villages Sukaratu District, Kabupaten ‎Tasikmalaya, had to be brought to health due to food poisoning which is distributed in the ‎food or besek from plaited bamboo, Wednesday (9 / 7) nights ago.
They come from a poisoned Simpang Village, Pasantren, and Legok Ringgit, Sukamahi ‎Village, and from Cikatubang Village, Village Sukagalih.
At that time they rajaban with the recitation of events held in the home Suryana (45) at ‎around 16:00 Wednesday (8 / 7) evening. And after the event, all citizens are given the ‎besek contain rice, eggs, noodles, bihun, and fish.
Or its new night at 20:00 WIT eat after the meal, some people claim to start experiencing ‎nausea and vomiting. Originally they thought only a cold or disease relapse its stomach.‎

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