Sunday, July 12, 2009

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Only implement the 5000 Cooperative Annual Meeting

by Cecep SA

From 15,000 the number of cooperatives that are in the area of West Java, was ‎conducting a RAT (annual members meeting) there were only around 5000. What actual ‎events such as the preference that may be the impetus for all of us to do something, so ‎that the cooperative, who was born since 1947 must be developed, and should be ‎encouraged and guidance.
So disclosed Provincial Head of the Cooperative West Java, H Renne Riyadi, on the Day ‎of Cooperatives grateful to 62 Meeting and aspirations Cooperative Movement West ‎Java in 2009, in the backyard Office PKKT Center (Cooperative Tasikmalaya Regency) ‎Jl. Moh Toha City Tasikmalaya, Sunday (12 / 7).

Appears to be present in the opportunity ‎it Dekopinwil West Java, H Wan Ibrahim, Head office employment Province at West ‎Java, H Mustopa Djamaludin MM, Herman H Saputra HU representing the Director of ‎‎"PR" Bandung, the head office for the cooperative se-Region Priangan, the camat, and ‎invitations.
‎ Renne Riyadi said also, more important also in the face of the fact that we are together ‎for contemplation, in that age that are not young anymore, if the cooperative can solve ‎problems economic role as the institution that to root in the middle of the West Java ‎community or not. "Already we understand that the cooperative that is owned and run by ‎its members, not by government or other parties, should be able to develop a cooperative ‎organization and wheel business, which is based on the spirit of independence, for the ‎fulfillment of the needs of its members. The role of cooperatives and the direction must ‎be of the same role with members. in a sustainable Cooperatives must actualization ‎through the participation of all members, the togetherness, the problems and obstacles, ‎and challenges can be used with both, and the welfare of justice can be realized. ‎Hopefully presidential candidate promises we will stand up for economic democracy, so ‎of course the problems problems-of course will be able the elimination, and hopefully ‎become a reality, "said Renne.
Meanwhile, Vice Mayor of Tasikmalaya, Dede H Sudrajat said, the development of ‎cooperatives in the city of Tasikmalaya in general, when viewed from the quantity over ‎joy, where growth from year to year is always an increase. This is because the public has ‎to understand that as a cooperative economic institutions that have very good prospects to ‎be developed.
‎"However, before the development of most of the cooperative is not supported with the ‎quality of the cooperative itself, this is because poor human resources management of ‎cooperatives, poor product marketing cooperative strategy, and capital, so that when seen ‎in terms of the development business is very small, the automatic electrically current to ‎the development of cooperatives as a whole. The existence and the sustainability of the ‎cooperatives in the city of Tasikmalaya highly influenced by the noble values that have ‎been planted since a long time, the task of society and government Tasikmalaya city is ‎maintaining and developing the value and make it the capital city Tasikmalaya to develop ‎and improve the welfare of the community.
It is said Dede, the potential for cooperation in the city of Tasikmalaya there are about ‎‎413 pieces, with the number of 62,127 members, which has assets of Rp 811.2 million, ‎and the volume of Rp 261.1 million. Potential of the above is also supported by the ‎potential of UMKM, which are generally moving in the Crafts industry, among others, ‎small embroidery, kelom Geulis, batik, leather, sandals, plaited pandanus, bamboo plait, ‎plaited mendong, dolls, convection, and various food light. While marketing the product - ‎a product of that has been successfully penetrate the export market. "This is a success that ‎should in a proud because the world market was very interested on these products," said ‎H Dede Sudrajat.‎

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