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1000 Marriage On the Age of 16 - 20 Year

by Cecep SA

Less than 50 percent of couples in fertile age Tasikmalaya Regency average married above age 16 - 20 years old, so the bride there can not be categorized under a pair early. If it is there, they do it under the counter, or no marriage record in its KUA (Religious Affairs Office).
According to the Head of Islamic Religion Affairs Section (Urais) Ministry of Religious Affairs (of the Ministry) Kabupaten Tasikmalaya, H Ade Ibn Malik, the area has not been found Tasikmalaya bride, under the age of regulations or in violation of Article 1 of Law No 1 Perkawinan 1974, because not age of 19 years for men and 16 for women.

However, it is recognized, fewer than 50 percent, bride married at the age of 16-20 years, while other data is mostly the bride married above age 20 years. Data from the Religious Affairs in the Tasikmalaya regency, during the June wedding of registered ago of the Ministry in 1000 recorded more weddings start at age 16 to over 20 years.
"Nothing in the District Tasikmalaya married at the age of the early, if married at the age of 16-19 years may be less than 50 percent. At the age is not prohibited even though the age of reproductive health is quite dangerous and we are not entitled to prohibit it. Except for the candidates the age at time of teaching license to apply for a marriage license does not attach parents, we automatically decline of it, "Ade firm, on Monday (13 / 7).
According to Ade, although not found instances of early marriage, but the anticipation over its conduct counseling to the head KUA (Religious Affairs Office) in each district, which was extended by the Head of KUA to the community for its development, in particular its youth pre marriage or the bride, and coordination with other institutions it.
"The reason they were married at the age of 16-19 because it is the economy and also because there is an accident," added Ade.
When asked concerning age falsification in order to register for marriage, Ade confess, his party did not find the case. However, he did not deny it could happen. "Maybe there is, but we can detect it right. We only return to the mental people," Ade deception.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) Kabupaten Tasikmalaya, KH Abdul Ii Basyit, the wedding will take place not because of economic reasons, but it should be the reason for the noble families who want to build mawardah, Sakinah, and warohmah.
"Married only one series according to religion is not legitimate as it is done, because will disadvantage of women. Moreover, because of economic or married kecelakan. We do bring kemaslahatan to anticipate things that are not good," it clearly. Ii urge, so that the future bride to be married must in the background with the noble goal of accident or not the economy.
"What is encouraging is to be married with the noble purpose of marriage in order to progress as expected, some cases of marriage in background is not good, his marriage is not good. At the age of Meanwhile, the married early, most women is not yet mature, so vulnerable to the negative things, "add it.

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