Friday, July 17, 2009

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Regent and Chairman of Its Legislative Demonstrators

by Cecep SA

Bupati Tasikmalaya, HT. Farhanul Hakim, Regional Secretary (Sekda), H Achmad Asep Djaelani, and Chairman of the DPRD Kabupaten Tasikmalaya, H Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, about 20 minutes by its the demonstrators of the Islamic Students Association (HMI) Tasikmalaya regency, on Thursday (16 / 7).
Efforts blockade that have made their statement to the regent, in order to make the problem of transparency CPNS (candidate civil servants), and investigate violations CPNS revenues, which have often occurred in which corruption, collusion, and nepotism (KKN).

They cite, in the adoption in 2007 many civil servants, school teachers in the corners that only licensed to teach high school in high school, and appointed civil servants. But that year, in a rule for a high school teacher must be certified S1.
"We have requested a statement from the Regent and Chairman of the DPRD to prosecute violations that often occur during the reception CPNS," firm Chairman General HMI, Badri to the Regent in the sense that the performance of action.
In addition to statements will investigate each violation, the demonstrators also request a statement Bupati Tasikmalaya and DPRD, so that in future revenues is not going CPNS KKN.
"We have a reception later Bupati and DPRD or other officials do not receive a kinds. But they must pass that really fit with the results of the testing," Badri firm.
Meanwhile, the Regent HT. Farhanul Chairman of the Legislative and Judicial, H Uu Ruzhanul Ulum positive action to address it. Even regent promised to follow-up proposal to investigate the violations demonstrators acceptance CPNS ago.
"Appointment of the central government, local government revenues if the consultation with a team of consultants Unpad. However, if any, reporting only to the obligation of the parties," said Regent while affirming, the follow-up will be the demonstrator aspirations.
Related levitation high school teachers to become licensed civil servants, Sekda recognized as the technical implementation and acceptance to lift CPNS, was done to the honorarium that without testing.
"Honorary to testing and that they do not have time to become a civil servant," added Sekda to demonstrator.
Blockade that happens, after the Regent, the Chairman of the DPRD, and Sekda attend the plenary session of the answers Regent memorandum of agreement on public policy changes and budget memorandum agreement PPAS 2009.
When receiving the report, that the masses want to dialogue with the Regent, the Regent directly out DPRD building. At once, the masses who came on foot, directly surround to perform successfully besiege the Regent, Sekda and Chairman of the DPRD.
Meanwhile, the regent of Tasikmalaya, HT. Farhanul in dialogue with the demonstrators from the HMI Kab. Tasik confess, receive a kind overwhelmed when the reception of CPNS. Regent is hope in the acceptance CPNS will held next month, the people who usually always commend CPNS to himself, do not wait for care is.
"Many kinds, sometimes until I receive a kind overwhelmed. But I return to the system if it is entitled to become a civil servant, I mean according to the procedure. Maximum effort to have the rules and I hope to be learned for the future that we all do not have the proposals or kinds again, " deception Bupati Tasikmalaya.
According to the regents, kind is actually harmful for the future civil servants themselves. Especially those who are not in accordance violate procedures or rules and regulations. "This year I put a 7000 civil servants, but the quota of the center are only 504 people. PNS us at this time 17,000 people. SD Teachers we are still less than 3000 people to 2010 there will be a mass retirement of 5000 people. This means we lack as many as 8000 people who," said Regent.

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