Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Junior High School Teacher Killed in The Bath

by Cecep SA

Attack due to suspected heart disease, Ade Lukman (50) Village residents Leles Kidul, ‎Desa / Kecamatan Ciawi, District Tasikmalaya float found dead in room 02 The Hot ‎Water Cipacing, Banjarsari Village, Kec. Sukaresik, District Tasikmalaya, Sunday ‎‎(19/07) early days as much at 01.00 WIB.
Retrieved description, junior high teacher suspected Islamiyah Kec. Ciawi was killed as a ‎result of heart disease that affects it. Officials try to keep hot water bathing, Inong ‎Supriatna (46) and Sunaryo Yoyo (51) reveal, when the victim into a room bathing ‎around 22.00 hours. "Before entering a room bathing, he got out gallon mineral water," ‎said Inong.

But several hours passed, the victim never quit, and has appointed a number hrs 01.00 ‎WIB. "For the time bathing already closed, we had time to knock the door of a room of ‎the victim," said Yoyo. When the door in the percussion no answer, next door to the ‎knock, and the smashed. But when the doors open, the guard made by surprise, because ‎the victims have been found in a rigid and float in the tub bathing with supine position.
‎"We also direct to the police to report," said Inong.
According to the officials, known later that night the victim are assisting its students who ‎are following the orientation period students (MOS) with the camp in the village ‎Sukapancar, Kec. Sukaresik, about 2 km from the location of the incident. To colleagues, ‎Ade farewell to buy a gallon mineral water. Apparently when buying mineral water, all ‎the victims intend to bathing in the bath and hot water bathing place that is located in ‎front of the kiosk where the victims to buy mineral water.
Medical staff who do report, dr. Yunike said, the death of the victim due to lack of ‎oxygen supply to the heart when bathing. Condition is triggered by suspected aberration ‎suffered by victims of heart. According Kapolsek Sukaresik, Aiptu Samino, accompanied ‎Kanit Reskrim Briptu Iwan Ridwan, SH, olah TKP results from several witnesses and a ‎description to ask including his family, says the victims died due to pure accident. " ‎Matter victims who have a heart disease is also justified by his family," said Iwan.‎

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