Friday, July 31, 2009

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Wood Processing Factory In Smoke, Around 1000 employees holiday

by Cecep SA

Around 1000 employees are forced daily following a holiday largest wood-processing factory in East Priangan, PT Bineatama Kayone Lestari, Friday (31 / 7) at around 07.00 in smoke, so that the result of events, the factory is located in Jln Indihiang, Kota Tasikmalaya stop production activities to seven days.
Although the victim did not swallow the soul, but the plant manager must be a huge loss. According to the Director, Edo Wijaya, at least, while the amount of loss due to damage to the material to reach Rp 500 million. In addition, because the factory to stop operations, the company must be losers because of losing income every day.
Barecore for production (wood core), the company gets regular income USD 75,000 per day. Meanwhile, from blockboard (outside the timber), the income gain of Rp 400 million per day. All income is derived from Taiwan and countries in the Middle East.

Kapolresta Tasikmalaya, Commissioner purpose of Aries Syarif Hidayat Kabag accompanied Ops, Kompol Yono Kusyono and Head Satreskrim, purpose Commissioner Harso PUJO Hartono, when found in the location of the incident, said, while the suspected causes of fires originating from electrical short-circuit short (short circuit). However, because the fire first appears from the shelter of wood powder, these allegations could be wrong.
''We are still doing the investigation and gather information from as many factory workers and managers,''said Harso. For in that place at least 2,080 m3 of wood powder, the process of extinguishing the fire is estimated will take a very long time.
However, to speed up the process of extinguishing the fire, fire (Damkar) Kota Tasikmalaya directly recruit five units damkar vehicle. Until this is made, the car damkar still go back and forth to the factory to take out the water and extinguish it.
Meanwhile, the information given to President Director PT Lestari Bineatama Kayone, Edo Wijaya, a fire that occurred at the manufacturer alleged strong steam comes from the friction generated by the wood dust and to pull by a blower. Results of a straw, and then produces steam to heat a working wood stove that is currently being processed.
''However, friction is quickly becoming hot because the air Tasik alleged that at this time is very extreme with the gale,'' said Edo. Does not operate because of the time, he explained that the company deliberately dismiss about 1,000 employees daily to seven day time to come.
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