Monday, August 3, 2009

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The students threatened Drop Out

by Cecep SA

Dozens of children of primary school age (SD) in remote ‎areas are now threatened DO (drop out), because their ‎parents are no longer able to pay for their children each. ‎Chairman of the Forum expressed such Care Education Society ‎‎(FMPP) Tasikmalaya, Cucu Rasman, Sunday (2 / 8).
‎"Although there are already programs BOS (operational ‎support schools) and schools for free, but the cost of ‎supporting education, such as freight, stock, clothing, and ‎shoes, still need to be a dependent parent. From which they ‎spend on it. While the need for day-to-day only the verge ‎of defeat, "Cucu said.

Viewing such conditions, the FMPP for this is that the ‎hundreds of children into child care, the Bupati of ‎Tasikmalaya urge, Drs H Farhanul Tatang judge, to make a ‎program for foster children range in environmental ‎officials Pemkab Tasikmalaya.
According Cucu, the procurement cost of freight, stock ‎clothes and shoes as well as students can not afford it is ‎heavy for the parents can not afford. But for the ‎officials, he said, is not that heavy. Cost for day-to-day ‎needs of the value will not reach the millions of numbers ‎per year.
‎"Because no one in the Regent the functionary instruct that the ‎number of foster children. This is as one of the proof of ‎the commitment that Pemkab Tasikmalaya will developing into ‎the field of education by 2010. Available in a vision of ‎the mission district, "Cucu demolished.
He gave an example, echelon II officials can only lift ‎about five foster children. Echelon III while the one to ‎three foster children. Technical implementation should be ‎submitted to each school to be more effective and ‎efficient.
"If the program is running, its quota can be ‎reached hundreds of children if officials see the number of ‎echelon II and III," Cucu said.
Add grandson, FMPP parties in the near future this will ‎submit the proposed designation of foster children who are ‎directly addressed to the Regent. "We hope to have a ‎positive response," his hope, while adding, become foster ‎father has retired enjoyment, according to the experience ‎of the management FMPP.‎
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