Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Galveston Daily News

Appointment Of Board Members Budgeted Rp 250 Million ‎

For the inaugural procession of members of the Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) ‎Tasikmalaya District spent Rp 250 million, but according to the Secretary of the Board (Sekwan), ‎Hilman Hidayat, the budget amount proposed, whereas its use his own belief Hilman not up to it.‎
‎"The budgeted Rp 250 million, but its use is not going for it," said Hilman who are reluctant to ‎specify the details of the allocation of funds, Tuesday (1 / 9).‎
Obtained information, the funds will be used including the cost of hotel stay for one night in a ‎hotel Asri (Asia Plaza Hotel) for Rp 250,000 / room for 50 members of the board and committee ‎appointment or 4 the total amount of Rp 13,500,000.‎
While the preparations themselves, Hilman said, until the day before the inauguration committee ‎ready to live implementation of 99 per cent today (Wednesday, 2 / 9), which took place in the hall ‎Pendopo Tasikmalaya Regency on Jl R. 2000 attended Wiratanuningrat invitation.‎

The 50 members of the council during the 2009-2014 period of service during the inauguration ‎will be wearing a suit or a full civilian clothes (PSL) which has been purchased and sewn recently ‎by the committee as well as dozens of newly elected members would be appointed by the District ‎Court on behalf of the Great Court at around 09.00 am.‎
‎"There is no parking restrictions, as usual, there's VIP, A, B and C, it would free journalists where ‎too," he explained again.‎
In a separate Head of Public Relations district Tasikmalaya, Hermana Yana said, the ‎appointment of the board today, invite Tasikmalaya regency of West Java Governor. But whether ‎or not to attend the inauguration by the Governor until last Tuesday there has been no clear ‎confirmation.‎
‎"We invite Governor, but at least there we can not confirm from the province," said Yana added ‎for security and said the inauguration was, regency police for help, from Tasikmalaya and police ‎Tasikmalaya.‎
In addition to police and guards conducted police PP, Yana said, during the inauguration of the ‎roads around the location will be applied while the lid open.‎

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