Thursday, September 3, 2009

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Burned Cikuburuk market Tasikmalaya

Approximately 100 more stalls / stall in the market on fire Cikurubuk Tasikmalaya City at around 21:00, Wednesday (2 / 9) night, which allegedly resulted in losses for the market traders billions of rupiah.
According Member Mangkubumi Tantrib District, accompanied Soleh Supriadi, and Deden the origin of the fire allegedly Corn traders stalls, then the fire spread to other stalls.
The fire that hit the market around Ciburubuk it difficult to put down, because in addition to a big wind, as well as several car fires difficult to reach the nearest location, so that in a few hours of the stalls were sold out on fire.

According to traders there, the fire trader suspected of corn, which is not far from rice stall at Block A of H Nono, H Yuyun, Ending H, H Nanang, who has a stall potato, onion.

Firefighters assisted local communities to extinguish fire using makeshift equipment, a bucket, a stick, and bakrik. While other vendors attempt to disassemble the tents shade attached to the kiosk, so that flames do not lick and spread to other stalls. Location kiosks were burned right in the middle market, and separated by a road on the left side of right.
Until 11:00 o'clock the fire was still unable to master, because the bigger the flames in the wind, and fire extinguishers from the taps can not be opened for traffic.

Panic in the markets overnight Cikurubuk more so for the other traders, because it feared the fire spread to other stalls, lined up across the street. Even a desperate traders approached the fire, to secure her belongings, but swiftly officers tried to stop him, so he could only pray as he lifted his hands up.
Officers from the authorities until last night, not sure from a consuming fire of about 100 kiosks over it. They hope that the firemen are able to act more quickly, to extinguish the fire.

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