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Thousands of Citizens Intending Lebaran in Camp

ENOUGH concern for the victims in the face of Lebaran this year. It lived in camps ‎painful enough. But what could I do, if not in the tent, want to stay where else, because ‎the condition of homes badly damaged, due to an earthquake measuring 7.3 rocked by SR ‎on Wednesday.
Although many are not badly damaged, but their homes do not deserve to live. Some ‎walls cracked, its roof collapsed and so forth. The only road, the house must be torn ‎down and replaced with new ones. While the inmates sleep in tents.
One family who now live in a tent is a family Ipin (30), victims of the earthquake Ranto ‎Village residents, Pakemitan Village, District Cikatomas, Tasikmalaya regency. Ipin ‎homes damaged, so the family with his brother's family, Suharna (35) is also his mother, ‎Imi (80) now living in a tent.

In the tent there are two beds facing position, there beside the kitchen furniture and also a ‎small closet where the clothes store.
Tents are only used Ipin family and Suharna to just sleep at night and store clothing ‎alone. While on their daytime activities as farmers remain.
He also predicts this year he and his family will celebrate Lebaran ascertained the ‎location with the evacuation of 16 other families in Kampung Ranto.
So even experienced Oom (55) and Nendah (50) Village residents Cisayong Cigondol ‎Village Sukasetia District.
The fact that experienced Ipin Nendah, and Oom it, also experienced by thousands of ‎other quake victims living in camps. Although already feel saturated continue to live in ‎tents, but what power for no longer a safe place to be a shelter.
Ade Tarya (40) Sukananjung Village residents, Sukasetia Village, District Cisayong the ‎house razed to the ground claimed, never thought if this year will celebrate Lebaran in a ‎tent built on the ruins of former homes.
He also claimed to be confused with what to rebuild destroyed homes are particularly ‎current business conditions were not lucky. "Somehow I can build a house again, I till ‎now still confused," he said.
According to data available at the Executive Coordinating Unit for Disaster Tasikmalaya ‎District, noted that 41.724 citizens celebrate Lebaran confirmed in exile. They scattered ‎in every district.
For example in the village of Cikeas and Cipatujah Cipanas district, there are at least 79 ‎families who would lebaran in camps, 17 of them in the village of Cikeas. While other ‎earthquake victims had entrusted to his family and neighbors that her house intact ‎condition.
Camat Cipatujah, Nazmudin Aziz said, some victims of the earthquake that had a family ‎day care to families so that they can be more comfortable than living in tents.
‎"Although there are still living in tents, but most of us Leave the family also neighbors," ‎said Aziz.
Glimmer Happiness
Not as usual as officials came to the center of the earthquake location, residents complain ‎mostly sad story, because it was not a house or be affected by various diseases. But when ‎the wife vice president of Indonesia, Jusuf Kala is Ny. Hj Mufidah Kalla arrived, a ‎mother desperate to offer artificial palm sugar at a price of Rp 30,000 or twice the usual ‎price, which is Rp 10,000 per pack.
‎"Mom buy me palm sugar, artificial native community here," said Grandma, Uncle made ‎an offer and immediately returned immediately Dekranas Center Chairman, Hj Mrs. ‎Mufidah Kala, "Oh yes real yes, yes I bought,". Mrs. Mufidah immediately ordered his ‎aide and paid immediately with the sugar.
Ny Hj Mufidah sugar directly pay for Rp 300,000, while saying that the money is split. ‎Of course it makes the seller Oom (55) and the owner of the sugar Nendah (50) glad, ‎because the sugar will be sold initially with rounds instead of all the mothers the entire stock ‎Vice President Kalla Mufidah sidelines storage location visit to the earthquake victims in ‎the Field SDN Sukasetia , District Cisayong. Whereas sugar price Rp 5,000 per pack ‎sold 10,000
Get sustenance from the wife of Vice President Oom and Nendah really do not think, ‎even the night before his mother had dreamed of anything. Money from JK's wife would ‎buy compote and rice for the day-to-day.‎

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