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Sidoarjo Origin Reckless Travelers Rise Tower PLN

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The origin of Sidoarjo Surabaya travelers desperate tower rises high voltage air channels ‎‎(SUTT) is powered by 70 Kva Sukamulya Housing Bungursari Kota Tasikmalaya ‎District, Friday (18 / 9). Some members Polresta Tasikmalaya, PLN, and the witnessed ‎hundreds of pairs of eyes trying to persuade Mrs. Emi (39) from 11:30 o'clock to 13:30 ‎o'clock, so come down from the tower.
Allegedly because he felt the dark eyes, Ny. Emi from Surabaya to Sidoarjo to going ‎home to his hometown of Jakarta, was suddenly strayed into the village / Kelurahan ‎Sukamulya Kota Tasikmalaya District Bungursari. There Mrs. Emi desperation rises so ‎surprising PLN tower surrounding communities and has its own attraction for the ‎hundreds of pairs of eyes watched the local population. Even the driver's wheel four-‎wheel-2 and had stopped at the curb, because the location of the climbing tower Ny. Emi ‎was located on the edge near Jln Lieutenant Aaron Mapolresta Tasikmalaya.

According to the Head of Ops Polresta Tasikmalaya, Commissioner Kusyono Yono, ‎Friday (18 / 9), his party tried to persuade a woman named Emi later revealed that for ‎three hours. But the effort was wasted because late Friday Prayers Ny. Emi did not want ‎to move down from the tower. At around 12:00, the PLN was forced to extinguish the ‎UPJ electricity Tasikmalaya. The people who watched the drama Ny. Emi had a chance ‎to collect cash to Rp 400,000. According to Eman H, local residents, the community ‎heard complaints Ny. Emi before climbing tower that he had no money to continue the ‎journey forth.
At around 13:30 after collecting the money and began to shout, Ny. Emi did not come ‎down with the help of PLN personnel using rope. With still wearing sandals, Ny slowly. ‎Emi off the tower.
In the presence of officers, Ny. Emi reckless PLN tower rising out of despair do not have ‎the money to go to Surabaya, after he ran away from Jakarta. Women who have children ‎a daughter that feels cheated someone, that promise to employ him in Batam. He along ‎with seven female neighbor went to Batam. But there turned out he was made a servant. ‎Then he tried to get away from Batam to Jakarta. With the bus, Ny. Emi arrived at the ‎terminal Tasikmalaya. Then he walks down the street along Jln. Lieutenant Aaron. By the ‎Perum Sukamulya Ny. Emi saw the tomb, and he tried to go there. And whatever the ‎cause, without undetected society, Ny. Emi looked was on the tower 25 meters high ‎PLN's.
Flow Mudik
According to Commissioner Kusyono Yono, Mrs. Emi is one of the travelers who will ‎return home. Any of the calamities that befall the travelers before Lebaran this year, if ‎not become victims of road accidents due to sleepiness, there are also due to potential ‎security threats interference.
Therefore, maximizing his party more posts located along the highway, to anticipate ‎congestion and linats. "We are adding signs or other pointer-prone areas in order to ‎anticipate traffic congestion," said Head of Ops Polresta Tasikmalaya, Commissioner ‎Yono Kusyono.‎
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