Monday, September 28, 2009

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Accumulation Backflow 6000 Achieve Passenger

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Holiday news are very active in the marketing and selling of unique, designer and luxury properties of individuals as well as acting for property development companies and institutions.
Around 6000 passengers flow through the department Jakarta and surrounding areas congested for about four hours in the terminal type Tasikmalaya, Monday (28 / 9) yesterday. Unexpectedly passenger congestion occurs when the peak flow is expected through the day before. For that, the officer who Transportation Services Tasikmalaya City placed at the terminal had 12 buses to pick up a few companies (PO) bus, to ask for additional fleet in anticipation of current and displaced through the terminal.

A private employee in Jakarta, Anwar and Nana said, from 10:00 o'clock to 14:00 o'clock they had to wait Lebak Bulus bus, which arrived late from Jakarta. Hendra willing to miss work, because the estimated backflow occurred Sunday, Monday and yesterday predicted would not happen backflow. But, in fact it backflow occurs on weekdays. Besides Hendra, also Anwar, and Nana was predicted wrong, they are trapped in the flow behind the bursting of the terminal for about four, Anwar and Nana could not take the bus scramble for bringing families and children.
"If we push the bus scramble and get a place sits, what about our children who need all the seats. Yes, we have had the same bus while waiting for the next bus, so that we and the children can sit," he said.

So too Ny. Diah and Iis, from South Tasikmalaya, they do not think that last Monday would have many passengers who follow backflow. "We are leaving today (yesterday, red) to Bintaro Jakarta, as predicted Sunday would be packed. Well, the same known still crowded. If we know this is better to cancel going to Jakarta, but the father of the children while on the phone instead advised not to cancel the departure. But our kids have come home again and not be left for Jakarta, 'said Mrs. Iis, glancing at his son, who will enter school in Jakarta on Wednesday.
Another with few potential passengers experience Ciamis origin, they come all the way to the terminal from the Ciamis Tasikmalaya busing to miss out, because the terminal Ciamis no bus bound for Jakarta. "There are also buses from Banjar, but the vehicle was full of all," said Entis.
According to the Head of Terminal TU Tasikmalaya, Gumilar, about 12 buses that were imported in demand from PO Budiman, Primajasa, and Prayer Mother. According to him, stacking the prospective passengers were not for the delays buses departure from Jakarta, because they have a schedule. "Stacking backflow in the terminal because they once came. Around 6000 this Monday that passengers waiting for the bus, and gradually they can be transported," said Gumilar.

Hundreds of passengers are not get a seat had to wait several hours in the terminal, because the buses were already full majors Jakarta. In fact there were some passengers had to wait for the next bus about 4 hours.
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