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Garut Regent Admit Mistakes Many Farmer Regency

Farmer still many who reach 79 percent of the 1.04 million farmers in Garut Regency, plus commodity prices often drop the vegetables that cause loss of farmers, acknowledged Garut Regent, HM ACENG Fikri's fault Garut regency governments.
"Still the number of farmer and uncertain commodity price of vegetables was my mistake, the mistake the government, and the government of not making the regulation, and not give way to solving problems of farmers in marketing their vegetable production. For that, Garut must have a map of area farmers productive, "said ACENG HM Fikri in Bayongbong, Friday (2 / 10) yesterday.

"If we have to make maps of the area of agriculture, it will tell you which areas are suitable for planting tomatoes. For example, farmers planted Bayongbong tomatoes and cabbage, and farmers in Samarang planting potatoes, or Pakenjeng farmers to plant carrots. Later production of vegetables is not abundant which will affect the market price. This house when prices are good tomatoes, and other farmers busy-busy planting tomatoes, so harvest the vegetable production is abundant, the price of tomatoes that had been pretty good Rp 2,000 per kg, fell to $ 800, -- . The loss of the farmers themselves, ": said the Garut Regent.

Garut Regent, HM ACENG Fikri was accompanied by Head Office for Food Crops and Horticulture, Tatang Hidayat said, was the large number of farmer who reached 79 percent, is another problem for the Garut Regency, namely problems where farmers are still faced with vast land management is limited. "The average farmer's new Garut has an area of 0.32 hectares. Which, of course it's certainly not going to develop the business world. Not to mention the issue of capital, and acquisition or application of technology," said Tatang Hidayat.
From the results monitoring in the field, the farmer in the subdistrict of Garut Bayongbong complain, because commodity prices of vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, and potatoes lately fell, due tersendatnya too much marketing and production agriculture.
A farmer from Bayongbong, Aman, Friday (2 / 10) says, the price of tomatoes is usually reached Rp 3,000 to Rp 4,000 per kilogram, now a Rp 800, -/kg. Likewise the price of Rp 800 Col, -/kg at the level of farmers, whereas the normal price if you are able to reach Rp 2000, -/kg.
"Unless it was rather stable soybean prices ranging from Rp 6000, - per kilogram, and the price of potatoes Rp 4800, - per kilogram. The price of vegetables in agribusiness station (STA) Bayongbong still fairly safe, 'said Chairman Seed Traders Association breeder (IPPB ) Bayongbong, his response Sutarman when asked about the drop in prices for some vegetables kOMIDITI, Friday (2 / 10).
However, commodity marketing of vegetables is still well marketed to the Batam, Pontianak, and local. Approximately 150 tons of commodities such as vegetables, cabbage, tomatoes, and potatoes every week be marketed to these areas. While marketing earnings per three months, according to officials there Yoyo, can reach Rp 1.9 billion. "All commodities will be supplied by vegetable farmers from Cikajang, Samarang, Bayongbong, and surrounding areas.
To reporters, said the Garut Regent, as one shape to solve these problems, Garut Regent asked that the next budget, to increase agricultural costs could be increased more than Rp 15 billion, or at least equal to last year. Last year the cost to increase agricultural production to reach USD 15 billion from Tk II APBD Garut.
According to Tatang Hidayat, in order to improve the welfare of farmers, his party formed a group SL-PTT (field school integrated crop management) in Garut Regency, with "students" is certainly the farmers. "Until now 586 registered farmers' groups who manage the rice plant, and 150 groups of farmers Corn and soybean farmer groups 60. In one of their group manages 25 hectares of paddy fields, with high yielding varieties of rice, the Garut District this year surflus approximately 175.00 tons of rice , "said Tatang Hidayat.
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