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Adding Ready Army Personnel in the Rehabilitation and Post-earthquake reconstruction

TNI Commander General Djoko Santoso said the TNI is ready to assist the addition of personnel, if necessary at this stage of rehabilitation and reconstruction after earthquake in the region of West Java. Because prevention of natural disasters as a basic task of the TNI, and it must be also the main task of the soldiers, including the cadets. Main tasks that must have taught at the Military Academy class of task in overcoming the impact of natural disasters.
"If it's necessary in the face additional or implement the rehabilitation and construction, the military is ready. What is now held in each district to reach the strength of two companies, and on this basic exercise we held a Midshipman 4th Battalion," General Djoko Santoso said after officially opening Exercise Integration homes Taruna Nusantara (Latsitardanus) XXX/2009 in the square Tasikmalaya, Friday (9 / 10).
According to the TNI Commander, now it has entered the rehabilitation phase, and recontructios. "Of course we will follow what is expected in the reconstruction and rehabilitation phase of the government of West Java. We will coordinate and technically it is set what could be assisted by the cadets, students, and youths, to assist the rehabilitation and reconstruction phase, which was held on This October until February, "he said.
Army Commander says, Latsitarda Nusantara originally held in West Kalimantan, but the various considerations, the target shifted to Latsitarda Archipelago and the surrounding Tasikmalaya. "On these considerations I as the Commander of TNI let me convey a deep apology to the Governor and the citizens of West Kalimantan, on the transfer of the implementation of Latsitarda West Kalimantan Province to the Province of West Java. To the Governor and the citizens of West Java, especially residents Kab. Tasikmalaya and surroundings, would accept an attendance and devotion dharma of the cadets, Taruni, students and youth of all components, incorporated into the Latsitarda XXX, "said Commander of TNI.
TNI Commander hope, dharma bhakti will be more to strengthen the commitment of TNI and the Police, and the younger generation. to always come to serve and care about the suffering of others. "For us, the suffering was the suffering of our people. The pain of our grief we are too," said General TNI Djoko Santoso.
In an effort to alleviate the suffering of the earthquake-affected communities, military academy cadets flung personnel in 1090 began his service to the community. The cadets were the final level, which according to the plan will become an officer appointed in December 2009. From 1090 it was composed of cadets from the Military Academy cadets 276, 196 Naval Academy Cadets, 123 carbolic Air Force Academy, and 195 cadets / Taruni Police Academy.
During Latsitardanus XXX/2009 which will take place from October 9 to 9 November 2009, continued military commander, has designed the activities of devotional works, to help the distribution logistics, establishment of schools and tents for refugees, as well as the provision and rehabilitation of houses, schools, roads, offices, places of worship, and local infrastructure. In addition, there will be a general treatment, and help learning and teaching and coaching psychology community, including promotional activities to attract students into TNI soldiers and members of the Police.
The military academy cadets, police will mingle with the people living for a month, with 153 students from various universities, such as the ITB, University Hangtuah Surabaya, UNM / UMM / Unbra Malang, Semarang Undip, UPN Veteran East Java, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, STPN , and UNS Surakarta.

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