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Football Competition Division II

Persitas and Persikotas teams won his victory in the group respectively in the National ‎Football Competition Division II PSSI.
Dadaha reported from Tasikmalaya, attacking the host Persitas Tasikmalaya, Fathul Ahda ‎appears as the hero with a single goal away PSGC Ciamis implacable foe, 1-0 (1-0) thus ‎ensuring his team qualify to the second round of Group IX National Football Competition ‎Div. Second PSSI Stadium in Dadaha Wira, Thursday afternoon (15/10). "The players ‎and appear better able to use their rear inadvertence not in. Although opponents had ‎pressured them to play quietly by controlling the game, "said Coach Bang Jae moved.
With the victory Persitas regained the top of the standings occupied by scraping Persigar ‎Garut 6 points from two wins. Fighters "Garut Sheep" bagging second 4 digits. Ciamis ‎PSGC own position (1) with the defeat at the edge and had to scramble to deal with the ‎remaining tickets Persindra, Saturday afternoon (17/10). Previously, the children ‎‎"Warriors Galunggung" successful fling "Lamanite Pantura" Indramayu to score a ‎landslide, 3-0. and leaving one Persitas live the rest of the party that has no effect on final ‎status.

As I predicted earlier, the crucial duel vs PSGC Ciamis Persitas fierce and hard place that ‎marked a red card for players Gilang PSGC Irfan Saftari Ciamis and a yellow card for ‎captain Persitas, Didi Saputra. Issued a red card referee who thought Nusur Fadilah Irfan ‎accumulation violations make the other players Ciamis PSGC emotional protest. Soon ‎suspended several times following a brawl game players of both parties involved tending ‎to each other. But the situation can be neutralized immediately after break up a fight ‎security forces.
Persitas first round took the initiative to attack first successful winner, after a half-volley ‎kick failed driven Fathul Ahda Ciamis goalkeeper who escorted PSGC Dwi Sulistyo. ‎Excellent one goal to make Didi et increasingly confident with a number of dangerous ‎threats to the opponent's goal mouth. At the very least, recorded sansan attackers and ‎three times throw Ahda golden opportunity. Ciamis own PSGC occasional sporadic ‎attacks against the defense often foundered et al Persitas Alfriadi playing straight without ‎compromise.
Newly entering the second half, through the attacker PSGC Ciamis, Razi and Didi strike ‎out the last defense Persitas total secure victory. Until the whistle ends the score ‎remained unchanged, 1-0 for Persitas advantage. But not until there, the players who ‎seemed PSGC Cimis emotional and pursue Nusur Failah referee who ran helter-skelter ‎officers secured. "The game the kids are good but they were so badly damaged ‎emotionally referee leadership," said His team manager, HA Herdiat, MM.
Meanwhile, hopes to open soccer team Persikotas forward to the next round, after picking ‎filled by setting aside a number Carsurin (South Kalimantan) to score a landslide, 3-1 (3-‎‎0) in Group X Competition Advanced National Football Div. II Field Force PSSI ‎Yogyakarta, Wednesday afternoon (14/10). Third Persiotas goals, each printed by ‎Herdiansyah at minute 2, Ito Suwito (-41) and Suryamin (-42). While Carsurin ‎consolation goal Riza diceploskan Gumelar (-80). With demikan, Persikotas pocketed 3 ‎yields the value lost and won once.
Recognizing the need to score a landslide victory to preserve his chances, foster child, ‎Nurdin duet Coach Ronny Paslah since kick off the groundbreaking direct attack to the ‎opponents defense is not hot. In the second minute was able to pick Persikotas results ‎through head attacker goals that welcomes feedback Herdiansyah distance Yana from ‎midfield. Missed goals at the beginning of the game makes passionate opponent ‎responded by pounding the strike back with a guarded goal keeper Persikotas Grace. Any ‎potential battle increasingly fierce running a busy referee drew a yellow card for 5 and 2 ‎for Persikotas Carsurin.
But once they ran aground off guard attack with defense. Quick as a flash that can be ‎used very effectively by midfielder Ito welcomes feedback Suwito drag wing defender ‎lunged forward Zaenudin combing his opponent left the defense sector. A minute later, ‎striker who occupy Suryamin spearhead his team managed to secure victory through a ‎beautiful half-volley kick using his assistant, Yana.
According to Coach Nurdin, graphics foster performance started to show positive ‎developments that could dominate the game. In the last fight, Saturday (17/10), will be ‎involved Persikotas duel with 007 Madison. "When advanced to attack them often to ‎keep defenses off guard and it works we use,," said Lecturer, Faculty of Teacher Unsil ‎PJKR Tasik it.‎

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