Friday, October 16, 2009

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1000 Liters Bakorwil To Gushing Subsidized Kerosene

Village Naga indigenous people Neglasari Kec Village. Salawu Tasikmalaya City got ‎disappointed, because nearly a week trouble getting kerosene (kerosene), because the ‎stock of subsidized kerosene Priangan Kapolwil assistance and was discharged in August, ‎so most people dissatisfied with Pertamina and the Government promises to subsidize ‎kerosene to Village Naga did not come . But these disappointments Juma't (16/10) cured, ‎after 1000 liters of subsidized kerosene being poured by the West Java provincial ‎government through Bakorwil (Agency Area Coordinator) Priangan facilitated by ‎Kapolwil Priangan.

Obtained information, the reason for running late subsidized kerosene, according to Intel ‎Polwil Priangan Head, Kompol Eddy Sutrisno because Salawu 1 Cooperative planned as ‎an agent for kerosene receiver in accordance with initial plans, it does not have the ability ‎to manage petroleum, so pouring kerosene into Village Naga is constrained.
‎"The plan would pour as much Bakorwil liter 8000 direct, but on the basis of security ‎considerations and other things, today (Friday yesterday, red) we only carry 1000 liters ‎just to meet the needs of citizens for a month," he explained.
In order for the distribution of subsidized kerosene is reserved for indigenous people not ‎constrained Village Naga, Naga village at least should have their own cooperative. "For ‎that, on this occasion we also recommend that administrators think Village Naga new ‎steps to immediately establish cooperatives. And Pemkab. Tasikmalaya must also be very ‎supportive," he said.
Meanwhile, Caretaker of a sacred place Village Naga, Suherlin Ade said, the price of the ‎subsidized kerosene is Rp 2800 and will be distributed to citizens at a price of Rp 3,000 ‎to Rp 3500. It was to replace the wage costs to bring oil from the parking lot of land to ‎residential location Village Naga indigenous people.
In addition, profits from the sale of petroleum itself will be used for the formation process ‎of cooperative costs. "Hopefully we can soon begin the process of cooperative formation ‎Village Naga, so running subsidized kerosene is constrained not only because of the lack ‎of cooperation that would manage the subsidized kerosene for village Dragon," he said.‎
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