Friday, October 23, 2009

Accident News

The truck rolled Trader Ten Bounce

Allegedly due to brake free from tension, from the truck to Singaparna Taraju ‎Tasikmalaya Regency is traveling at a high, shaky when to turn and hit the embankment ‎at the roadside so that rolled into the fields, Thursday (23/10) at around 11:30.‎
Ading (65) district residents. Truck driving Salawu Z HF 8487 was allegedly unable to ‎control the vehicle as it passed Taraju Singaparna Highway precisely in village Tajur ‎Singasari Taraju subdistrict the condition of the course down a steep and turns.‎
Of Genesis is 10 traders who ride in the back of the truck that the average citizen ‎Singaparna Subdistrict included 30 ewes which carried the passengers flying as far as 10 ‎meters into the embankment on the right field edge. As a result, all the passengers ‎suffered serious injuries and one suffered severe injuries and had to be brought to the ‎emergency room due Tasikmalaya hospitals had broken his left hand and bruises all over ‎her body. In addition, two goats were killed instantly at the scene, while others suffered ‎minor injuries.‎

While the driver and three passengers sitting in the front of an all-female truck suffered ‎serious injuries as a result of shock in the car and collided with the inside of the car body, ‎so that nearly all of the injuries.‎
Soon after the department of police and Taraju Tasikmalaya police arrived on the scene ‎and assist local residents who were providing aid to all passengers.‎
A citizen of the incident at the scene Arifin (42) claimed, when he was surprised to find ‎lawn and then heard a scream. When visits were screams of the passengers emerged from ‎the truck slid on the road and looking derivation shaky. He also admitted at the accident ‎scene is not the first thing but have often occurred. The direct victims were evacuated by ‎police officers assisted by local residents. While dozens of goats belonging to the ‎passengers gated above the rice fields and dikes collapsed partially wilted besides two ‎goats that died on the spot. While other police officers arul lalul regulate traffic jams due ‎to many people who watch while the condition of the road just at the bend.‎
According to Dadang (37) residents Panyingkiran Singaparna admitted, when the ‎vehicle swerved, he and other passengers scream scared the host if the truck had a free ‎fall down a ravine. ‎
Commissioner Ajun Taraju Kapolsek Dadi Sadariah, SH is directly in charge of ‎evacuation to say, all the average victim injured and evacuated to the health center ‎Taraju. While to evacuate the vehicle, it will deploy officers to help citizens use the ‎crane.‎
He appealed to all motorists who crossed the street to be more careful especially when it ‎rained and at night.‎
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