Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Not involved in Commemoration of Youth Oath, Disappointed Confessing KNPI Against Regency

Indonesia Youth National Committee (KNPI) Sumedang Regency, confess government ‎Sumedang Regency disappointed with the attitude that seemed indifferent to the ‎institution. Indifferent attitude on the part of the Regency, seen as a warning that moment ‎the young oath yesterday October 28, agencies in charge of youth organizations that had ‎not been invited to attend the memorial service along with the location of Sumedang ‎Regency.
Yet ironically, KNPI is a youth committee that should be forefront in the historic ‎anniversary activities for youth in this country.

‎"It's our institutions that the youth shelter, so it was ironic that the oath ceremony ‎commemorating youth, our institution was not invited to attend Pemkab it. In fact, in any ‎event is usually a warning like this, our institution is not only just got an invitation from ‎the regency, but always serve as a committee of organizers who are under the auspices of ‎Sumedang Regency, "said Chairman KNPI Sumedang, Dadang Kusna, to Priangan Daily ‎Newspaper, Wednesday (28/10).
Dadang explained, because of disappointment that, ultimately as a form of protest against ‎the Regency, the board following KNPI Youth organization (okp) and community ‎organizations (organizations) have agreed to create their own activities, with a memorial ‎service held in the courtyard oath youth secretariat in the region Graha KNPI Insun ‎Medal (GIM) Sumedang.
Dadang also asserted, in protest that he did it, not merely business-oriented funds, but is a ‎criticism of the government, in order to forward the Regency can better understand and ‎understand the existence of youth agencies.
His said, with this event, may be used as a form of proof to the public if KNPI it is a ‎youth organization that still has a nationalist spirit, and idealistic spirit, which did not ‎look at everything with money.
Therefore, although there is no assistance from government Sumedang Regency ‎stimulant, it remains carry out ceremony solemn warning.
‎"We intend to show that the youth in Sumedang Regency still have nationalist spirit and ‎high spirit of idealism, so we held a ceremony to prove itself without any assistance from ‎any party, " he said.‎
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