Friday, October 30, 2009

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Gas Canister Explosion Wounded Four Victims

Unfortunate fate befall Wati Nurhayati (31) and 3 children namely Rohman (12), Santi ‎‎(6) and Rahma 9-month-old baby, Babakan Kampung Baru residents RT 03 / 04, Desa ‎Sukadana, Kec. Pagerageung, Tasikmalaya Regency, who suffered injuries as a result of ‎burns from 3-kg gas cylinder that exploded, Wednesday (28/10) at around 23:00 pm.
The explosion was so great, the back wall of the house until the broken and collapsed ‎outside. While the four victims, Mrs. Wati (31) and three children who were asleep in the ‎room affected by gusts of hot steam that makes their bodies burned and blistered.

Disaster which happened at about 23:00 that caused the explosions up to a radius of 200 ‎meters, making residents scattered scattered surprised and out of the house. They then heard ‎scream ask for help from Mrs. Wati. Residents rushed to the victim's house and found the ‎house was almost in ruins.
In the house, Mrs. Wati incessantly calling for help, trying out all the children who ‎suffered burns. He ignored his own wounds are almost completely blistered. Lucky there ‎was no fire, so that relief efforts can be made directly to the four victims citizens.

Residents quickly fled the four victims to the Puskesmas Pagerageung.
But because of injuries classified as serious victims, the four of them referred to the RSU ‎Tasikmalaya. Mrs. Wati, Santi and Rahmawati most serious injuries. Three female facial ‎skin is blistered. Santi incessant crying from the pain.
While little seems occasionally Rahmawati opened his eyes. His face was white because ‎his skin had lost. He continued to be a sweet water to keep from crying. Hands and feet ‎were not spared from burns. Ms. Wati himself was shocked and continued to chant the ‎name of God. Rohman who suffered only minor injuries, said, the accident occurred ‎when she and her mother and her siblings were sleeping in the room. Meanwhile, ‎husband Mrs. Wati, Nono (34) was sold out in Ciamis Panjalu market.
‎"Suddenly I was awakened by a loud explosion sound, and soon there was the heat into ‎the room and burn us. I am protected by the mother's body so that not too exposed. Santi ‎and Rahmawati was even near the door, "he said.
Police are to identify, received tentative conclusions, explosion allegedly caused by ‎leaking gas. Gas continued to enter the house and then grabbed a lit mosquito coil in the ‎room. We grabbed a blazing moment that happened that caused the temperature suddenly ‎high and resulted in four victims affected by burns. Soon a gas canister exploded burning ‎great.
Meanwhile, according to witnesses, Uminah (53) that no other victim's mother that her ‎house Wati not far from the victim's home, admitted surprised and panicked when she ‎heard the explosion from his house. Panic increasingly becomes, as he heard the sound of ‎children screaming and grandchildren. She saw that her daughter is covered with flames ‎still managed to save her children, she said.
Sukadana village chief, Agus said, allegedly due to explosions of gas cylinders owned by ‎the victim suffering from leakage from the hose. Suspected leak caused by rat bites ‎interval. Gas is out of the tube, can not get out in the wind because the victim's kitchen ‎does not have adequate ventilation.
Meanwhile, the victim had used while going to sleep lit mosquito coil did not realize ‎there was a gas leak in her kitchen. Suspected gas is the kitchen in the room was snatched ‎from the fire source mosquito coil, to cause an explosion and fire caused. As a result, the ‎victim Wati with the 3 children who was fast asleep burned too.

Meanwhile, medical personnel Ciawi health center, dr. Juliana said, the 4 victims had ‎burns or whole body dis combistio body, but a more severe suffering experienced by ‎Wati dimukanya burns and had to get intensive care. Wati victims should be treated ‎intensively, because of collap or dehydration that causes loss of body fluids. As a result, ‎the victim can not enter infusan fluids. This is, due to the victim for too long been left and ‎not rushed to get treatment. whereas, dehydration can cause death if not quickly ‎addressed.
‎"From the explosion and burning of the body at 23:00 pm, and another victim was taken ‎to a health center 07.00 morning. This is what causes the victim to dehydration," he said.‎

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