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Thousands of Mourners Inter KH Shiddieq body Amien

Thousands of mourners took the corpse of the late Chairman of the Islamic Union of the ‎Central Executive (PP Persis), KH Shiddieq Amien, Sunday (1 / 11), to the cemetery, not ‎far from where Islamic schools in the mosque after boarding dishalatkan Just Cisalak ‎Kampung Jalan Desa Benda Nagarasari Kec. Cipedes Kota Tasikmalaya. ‎KH Shiddieg Amien those who died on Thursday, 29 October 2009 at 18:30 in hospital ‎Al Islam.‎
Seems also helped mourn Prof Dr M Abdurahman as Chairman of Division Tarbiyah and ‎Chairman of PP PYMT Exactly, and the Mayor of Tasikmalaya, H Sharif Hidayat. ‎Thousands of mourners including students seem bershaf row since pesantren entrance to ‎the mosque. Even many women who cried when the body over there.

The son of the deceased to the daughter of 4 brothers Usman Aminulloh KH family, ‎leaving two wives and 11 children, and three grandchildren. To eleven children, each ‎named H Arief Rahman Hakim (32), Nunung Sriwahyuni, Mia Nurmilah, Ina book, ‎Hilman Rashid, Faith Holilurohman, Hanifa Ilmiati, Hana, Ilman, Tia, Rahman. While ‎his wife each named Ny. Ai Kurniasih Hj, and Hj Yulifah Elis.
According to the deceased's brother, H Asep Abdul Hamid, SAg, the late brother was a ‎hard worker, often reading a book. Even in everyday life he still often seen cleaning the ‎pesantren. "When there is trash in the yard and then he picked up boarding school and put ‎it in his pocket, next to the waste in the trash. Often, too, he swept the floors and clear the ‎table, even wiping the glass," said Asep H.
The late KH Shiddieq Amien (54) was the fourth son, while his sister named KH ‎Muhtarom Amen, Amen Latief HA, and Amien Nurjanah Tating Hj. While his brother is ‎Euis Fauziah Amien, Ai Sofiah, Dra Masaroh Imas, H Asep Abdul Hamid, SAg, Endang ‎Abdul Muin MPD, eneng zakiah SAg, and Eulis Rahmaniah SSos.
According to H Asep, because that's the his model, the deceased was often invited to ‎conduct other than hutbah, he also educate the santri with concrete actions like that ‎above. If the deceased made a paper about 7000 papers are still lacking, because the ‎content is always current his hutbah.
During his life, he had told his brother, continued H Asep, ie do not get ahead because of ‎the credit, and do not back down because reprehensible. "The message that is still ‎remembered by me," said Asep H saying Amen KH Shiddieq often still taught in ‎pesantren submarine approximately five hours. Just in the village pesantren It has ‎approximately 700 students.
The departure of Chairman of PP Just that, according to the most first-born son, H. Arief ‎Rahman Hakim, unexpected hypertension. "As long as we know the father always had ‎low blood," said H Arief.
Congress Events Center
Head of Tarbiyah, Prof Dr M Rahman, who was appointed as PYMT (duty officer) led ‎the PP Just to Congress September 2010 Just to say, despite the deceased had died, but ‎the activities of the National Congress will still be centered exactly in Tasikmalaya.
‎"Based on the working meeting on 14 Soreang Congress to be held in five locations ‎namely in Tasikmalaya and Garut in 1500 the participants on September 23 next," said M ‎Abdur-Rahman said, mentioning events in Garut is for Persistri, and women, whereas in ‎Tasikmalaya is Exactly activities , set of students, and youth.
Then, now under construction infrastructure, continued M Rahman, and all the ‎preparations always done. Meanwhile, another agenda was to build a building in ‎Bandung. While other activities of human resources improvement.‎
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