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Anticipating An Appeal Galunggung To Be Restless

Because of the leaflets that were installed in almost every shop and public places in the South Sub-District Sukamaju Indihiang Kota Tasikmalaya District, it is very disturbing residents. The leaflet was circulated in the form of an appeal anticipate Galunggung guana erupted. Even among the existing population packing, kareana afraid that if an appeal is later proved, Thursday (5 / 11).
As expressed Ny. Village residents Iis Talaga, Kel. Sukamaju South, he was very worried after reading the leaflets urging them in his shop. Even when night came, she did not sleep well. "Asa karareung kieu, kantenan pami subdistrict maca ti mah letter, jigana tereh bituna?," He said.

Knowledge, as well as some in the village next door neighbor has one start packing. Maybe because it was in a panic with the release of the news. According Iis, call it installed by the RT received from the village. While the letter was made by the district Indihiang. "Grief ieu, nu bu installing RT. Saurna mah ti kanggo Sub bilih case Galunggung bitu," he explained.
300/338/Kec numbered circular letter is an appeal letter Galunggung anticipated activities. Its contents are instructions to implement the provision of information to the public of the dangers and threats vulcanology eruption. But because only limited to mere form letter with no follow-up, it ends just disturbing residents.
According to PLT Head Indihiang through Trantib Kasi, Marodi, actually call it an early socialization of the danger of volcanic eruption threat. It was not able to take action because the wait for instructions follow up the municipal government. "They say there will be danger of volcanic eruption simulations, but we do not know when," he said with a letter of appeal only to the village alone, and not yet directly disseminated to the general public. However, having already circulated and attached to the stalls, so he thought maybe people will come cares of life. "People who read clearly lay just know it will probably explode, while the letter contained only call information," he said.
Marodi explained, the appeal was a continuation of the hazard information dissemination activities Galunggung eruption, on October 29th. Socialization was conducted in the Sea of Mayors meeting, and attended by the Board Kesbang / Politics and Well with those of the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation in West Java.
Meanwhile, Head Sukaratu, Nanda can guarantee if conditions Galunggung current in normal condition and no signs of danger. For that, people should not be too concerned with Galunggung conditions.
"Galunggung condition it was in the active state, but still within normal limits. We dare to guarantee that it Galunggung safe condition, and not dangerous," Nanda said Thursday (5 / 11) yesterday.
Nanda confirmed, although Galunggung dangerous conditions, the first to feel the symptoms most certainly people who Sukaratu position close to the Galunggung, Indihiang new to the area. And so far people have not Sukaratu feel nothing and still perfectly normal.
"I ask people do not believe the rumors saying Galunggung will explode, because it only issue. If anything happens we will immediately give Infections Galunggung conditions. We will not stay silent," he said.
In fact, continued Nanda, the institute continues to coordinate with the Board of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation, Bandung to continue to monitor the condition of Galunggung. If there is anything odd with Galunggung Volcanology own party will go straight to the location even though it happened at midnight.
"Just do not be too partied to community with Galunggung conditions because it is still in normal circumstances," he said.
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