Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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Residents React Way Back Saptamarga

Dozens of women members of District housing Saptamarga Road Cikalang Kec. Kota Tasikmalaya Cipedes shouting with emotion after filling the home of one of their neighbors by members Kodim 0612/Tasikmalaya, Tuesday (10/11). Meanwhile, dozens of men, including former Vice Chairman of Legislative Tasikmalaya, Retired Lt. Col. Memed, seemed involved conversations with Danramil City, Captain E Duddy in the house will be occupied by the new residents. The house will be occupied according to plan by Danramil Cipatujah, Captain Iyan.

According to residents, the District Military Command 0612/Tasikmalaya should listen to the advice of the National Commission on Human Rights, which states that 0612/Tasikmalaya Dandim refrained empties home. As he yells scream mothers ask that members do not act arrogant, because home ownership status is still in its early stages process.

Crying mothers

When the mothers saw Mrs Sugondo (70) with the spirit shouting and spilling his frustration, mothers who appeared with him could not hold back her tears. So did many men who wiped tears. They were touched by the spirit of Mrs Sugondo who want to preserve their rights. Mrs Sugondo (70) along with her late husband had fought in the war, even with an effort to build low-cost housing or a simple house in Jalan Saptamarga it. "We were only able to eat cassava, riding a bike, and with an effort to build this house. But, why now with casually take our house," cried Mrs. Sugondo full of emotion. A few moments later, a mother beside him trying to carry Mrs Sugondo and tried to calm him.

Meanwhile, former Vice Chairman of Legislative Tasikmalaya, Retired Lt. Col. Memed, and several people gathered at one house, residents in dialogue with Danramil Kota Tasikmalaya, Captain E Duddy. "We apologize to the people and we understand what is perceived and experienced by residents. However, we only set a going orders," said Captain E Duddy.

Other people's reaction to the officer who made them something to read excerpts of a letter from the Commission, while retired Lt. Col. Memed eight compulsory reading of the Armed Forces. "Soldiers must be polite to the people, uphold the honor of women, and not at all-time against the people. Then once in a while does not hurt and frightened hearts of the people, set an example and spearhead efforts to save the situation difficulties of the people," he said.

According to Memed, if necessary eight compulsory military at home was affixed to each citizen. Even the mother shouted when seoang need eight compulsory ABRI Dandim stuck at home. Although the residents refused to fill a house in Jln. Saptamarga it, but some members remain Tasikmalaya City Koramil enter and move goods from the household pickup into a house there. According to community leaders there, with the efforts in filling the house Saptamarga Street reflects the Commission's letter ignored.
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