Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Budiman Bus Accident Experience Twice

Budiman bus number Z 7677 HA, chauffeur-driven Wely (48) from Ciamis Cikoneng underwent two accidents, Wednesday (11/11) yesterday afternoon. The first bus was full of passengers hit the wall Nusawangi II Elementary School in Kampung Cibodas Mekarwangi vilage sub regency Cisayong Tasikmalaya regency, but not how much later the bus was being towed hit a truck and damaging a car that was queued Apanza because of a traffic jam, because the bus had hit a wall Elementary.
According to officers then Polresta Tasikmalaya Laka, afternoon at around 13:00, a bus full of passengers Budiman Tasikmalaya majors passed an asphalt truck. At that time, the bus driven Wely had nudged the body of the truck from the opposite direction toward the Rajapolah. Because the bus was so touched by the truck driver tried to avoid more fatal crashes, but the ill-fated bus was too much to the left and hit the wall Nusawangi II SD. Lucky that time the students had gone home and it did not take casualties. Once the bus passengers were all safe.

A few hours later, to be evacuation by bus owned towing Budiman. At the time that the evacuation route in the area Cibodas road traffic and all vehicles stopped a long as 1 km. When the bus was taken by a tow truck and walk beside the vehicle that was queued waiting for the traffic, the bus suddenly slipped from his bonds and once upon a black Apanza cars, and trucks of sand.
Sand truck driver number B 9407 AC Jajang driven from the company's TFT-majors Jakarta, apparently struck down shit, when radio traffic there and the front of the truck was also damaged, because the bus was towed a sudden the rope off and hit two cars.
On that account two events due to traffic congestion in the area Cibodas worse, so the car reached the queue a mile long. A few hours later a new traffic flow restored after the bus to be evacuation back.
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