Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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It's Time to Make Farmers Multi Agricultural Activities

Governor of West Java, H Akhmad Heryawan said, it was time for farmers to carry out multi-farm activities, in addition to cultivate rice, grow food, farmers also had to have started breeding. Livestock on a minimum economic scale, if at all four dairy cattle breeds, if goats or sheep between 30 to 40 tail was raising, it would be economic value is very high.
It was after said Governor inaugurates Jabar Petroganik fertilizer factory PT Aksa Reksa Jaya
Soil fertility will increase with use of organic fertilizers. Organic nature rather than simply fertilizing the plants, soil but also became loose again. Organic fertilizers that nourish the soil while, and the soil will be loose, and then gradually lost its fertility. After a few tens of years of using urea fertilizer, and soil will be solid to be concrete brick, consequently became infertile plants, but with this fertilizer will restore soil fertility. As a result forward later in the use of organic fertilizer that did not use too much fertilizer volume.

With the establishment of organic fertilizer in the Village District Mangkonjaya Rajapolah Tasikmalaya District could not meet the needs of fertilizers in West Java, although seven other fertilizer plants have been built in West Java. According to the Governor of West Java, which is clearly the seriousness of West Java provincial government to build another fertilizer plant. If a plant appears in Tasikmalaya, maybe later two or three more factories appeared in Pangalengan, and Lembang, for example.
"Where the use of animal waste (kohe) which exists for organic fertilizer raw materials, and at the same time as the basic materials very much so we encourage people breed many. When the cattle much later when kohenya much fertilizer plant materials required are many, the benefits to the farmers, too much. muter It's there, 'said Governor Jabar.
Governor requested, organic fertilizer factory in Rajapolah that sell their products to PT Fertilizers Petrochemicals, then sold to petrochemical agriculture through government channels at a price subsidy.
In response to concerns Regent Tasikmalaya, HT Farhanul Hakim, fertilizer production plant is sold to other islands of Java, according to the Governor, organic fertilizer is made in West Java and West Java. "That was a covenant between us," said Akhmad Heryawan H.
According to the Governor, during this kohe it is of no value. For example, in the farm area and Pangalengan kohe Lembang was thrown into a river. "Kohe now has a price. Once dried, to weighing, and sold to factories like that cost Rp 300, - per kilogram. Created granules, sold to the granul Petrochemical and Petrochemical buying Rp 1.500, - per kg, and the government purchase of petrochemical Rp 1.500, - kg, and government subsidies to sell through channels that had been there, through specific subsidies to farmers Rp 500, -. Lucky's, the farmers benefit, and who has also profit kohe, kohe useless could be sold, " said the Governor.
Meanwhile, Director of PT Petrokimia Gresik, Arifin Tasrif said it opened up opportunities in cooperation with local investors, with a pattern of cooperation as giving the right to use the brand, industrial design, and manufacturing process technology Petroganik, regular supervision, promotion and dissemination, and buying products for as long as the government subsidy scheme.
Next to investors of investing in plant and take care of licensing, operating factories and production according Petroganik spec quality, promotion and dissemination, and Receive rights to brand and industrial design. Development Petroganik factory unit with a capacity of 10,000 tons / year requires engine investment ± 1.2 billion excluding land and buildings.
According to Arifin, the number of UKM Petroganik development partners at the moment, investors (UKM) as partners spread Petroganik production in Java, Bali, Sumatra and Kalimantan has reached 171 investors with a production capacity of each plant to 10,000 tonnes / year, provided the availability of materials adequate standard.
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