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Strange Disease Edih

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Really heavy Enceng (52) trials that befall the family and Mrs. Hayati (45) residents of Kampung Pamipiran RT 01/06 Kel. Leuwiliang Kec. Kawalu Tasikmalaya City. His first child, Edih (30), all his life until now suffered from a strange disease, which is all black like a burnt body, and two eyeballs and even broke his nose open.
Assembly Members Tasikmalaya, H. Ahmad Djuaeni, Edih had visited at his home, which was accompanied by his parents Edih while wearing sarongs. Not because he would not wear pants, but there are bumps in the groin of a young coconut. When touched by little, he felt sore that is not infinite.
When his shirt open, his whole body burned black. Pierced his right nostril to the mouth, caused by a bump first. His eyes could not open. With such conditions, this boy is very difficult to speak. Yet he understood every word that was brought up by his interlocutor.
Parents Edih, Enceng said, when Edih born in 1979, his son was healthy like other children. However, after age Edih 2 years, he experienced a heat illness to suffer from severe step. Since that time hyacinth working in Bandung, so he checked his son to the doctor in Bandung. Edih then received a doctor's care and given a shot. But instead Edih sick healed, even increasing rapidly, even within a week, his body was charred black.
He did not despair, many of the doctors she had visited in Bandung. But instead Edih disease cured, in fact continues to spread and spread, even a bump-bump appeared in a number of members of the body.

The most severe bumps growing around the two eyes. With money improvise, parents bring their children to RSHS Bandung, even to the eye hospital Cicendo. But, all the doctors instead of giving hope, in fact they even say Enceng must be patient and steadfast.
"Saatos artos jeung harta banda abdi seep, sadaya dokter malah nyarios kantun sabar jeung tabah na, calik we di bumi, kalah kitu cenah saurna (After money and my belongings out, all the doctors even said to stay patient and steadfast, sitting alone at home, so he said)," said Enceng.
Although the verdict of doctors like that, Enceng not broken charcoal. He wanted his son healed like a young age. But the ordeal continues to overwrite Enceng, not compensation from the companies that he got, instead he got laid off with severance pay is very small. He went back to Tasikmalaya without a steady income. Nevertheless, he wanted his son healed and never had the intention to consult the dermatologist on the road Sutisna Senjaya Tasikmalaya City.
But let alone to pay for medical treatment, for the cost of rental vehicles just do not have.

"Abdi tos teu gaduh motor. Kantos bade nyewa angkot ka dr. Suganda di Tasikmalaya, tapi kedah Rp 100.000, artos timana. Maenya kanu ojek bari kondisi putra abdi jiga kieu (I have not had a motorcycle. Never going to hire transport to the doctor Suganda in Tasikmalaya, but should be Rp 100,000, the money from where. The emotion wearing motorcycle taxi while the condition of my child like that," he said.

He very much hope, there is concern from Tasikmalaya City Administration and the agnia to cure her son. Even if the doctor's verdict was right, just stay patient, at least he's anxious to in visiting by the Mayor of Tasikmalaya City, Drs. H. Syarif Hidayat.
Edih (30) residents of Kampung Pamipiran RT 01 RW 06 Kel. Leuwiliang Kec. Kawalu Tasikmalaya City, Tasikmalaya referred by hospitals to RSHS Bandung, with the help of medical expenses from the Mayor of Tarlac, H Syarif Hidayat, and help the youth Kel. Leuwiliang, led by M Yamin (30) for the cost of other family members while in Bandung.
Edih had been due to depart Tuesday (13 / 4) yesterday to RSHS Bandung, Tasikmalaya District Hospital but the team doctor advised Edih depart Wednesday (14 / 4) at dawn, with reasons for not Edih strong body to absorb the heat of the Sun, so he had to go to Bandung very early.
According to his father, Enceng (52), it will go to Bandung around 05.00 using Tasikmalaya District Hospital ambulance. By sent Edih to RSHS Bandung, which means that efforts to cure is many times since 1985. When Edih two years old, he had brought his father to hospital treatment and RSHS Cicendo Bandung. However, when examined in Bandung, according Enceng, they use an address in Bandung. "I've forgotten again, this time either using the address Cihideung Village Kampung Gudang or Lembang. However, during treatment in Cidendo get Iin aid pack. During the 40 days we were back and forth Cicendo - RSHS, and indeed we did in RSHS hospitalization," Enceng said on Tuesday (13 / 4), returning from Tasikmalaya District Hospital while mentioning the time, still working in PT Enceng LMTM (PT Direct), and all bring their children with medication.
From the results of diagnostic medical team, said Enceng, Edih tumor disease pores. Along with that, the, Edih lumps should be checked and operated out of his eyes. Even during the commute Cicendo - RSHS it, aided and carried Edih Cicendo Hospital nurse, Iin said. At that time, only one eye is operated on, but now her eyes burst. "If you're crying, from a single eyelid Edih until blood came out," said Enceng.
Since then suffering Edih growing. Now he suffered burns all over his body as black as, apart from two eyeballs and even broke his nose open, there is also a lump in the groin of a young coconut. "The lump in the groin and skin diseases by doctors who examined it had nothing to do. Each grows by itself. But, all the diseases that exist in the body Edih not contagious," said Enceng.
Tuesday, the eldest of three brothers sons and daughter and Mrs Enceng family. Hayati (45) was brought to hospital treatment Tasikmalaya, on the advice of the Mayor of Tarlac. There, a skin care expert, Dr H Tri Sulis Tiono Sp KK, and surgeon Dr H Reza B. Sp Farsa "According to team doctors, although the disease is not contagious, but can not get sunlight," explained Enceng.
If we see the history of the disease, what is not a disease suffered by Edih descent, because his parents did not suffer from such diseases. So did his younger brothers namely Nurdin (19), and Qais (15) were never infected.
According to the Chairman of RW 06, Hadad (35), in addition to Edih, there is again a 2nd grader in elementary school there is Erni (9), who suffers from nearly the same. Her hand was visible in the skin spots such as skin Edih. Erni is the son of the couple and Mrs. Salim. RT 04 residents of Kampung Iyet Pamipiran.

Tasikmalaya City Government will provide full medical expenses to Edih (30) residents of Kampung Pamipiran RT 01 RW 06 Kel. Leuwiliang Kec. Kawalu Tasikmalaya City, who suffers from a strange disease.
This was confirmed Welfare Division Drs H Agus Murtado, accompanied by Head of Public Relations Tasikmalaya City Administration, Drs Asep Maman Permana, Friday (16 / 4). According to Agus, the institute prepared a grant from the Mayor of Tasikmalaya for poor families (Gakin), which is managed by the Hospital Tasikmalaya.
"Technically the Tasikmalaya District Hospital recommends that patients should get help, then submit it to the municipal government. While the actual treatment of the funds obtained from Tasikmalaya City Government," said Agus.
When answering questions about the amount of charge that will be given to Edih, according to Agus, medical expenses were fully covered by the municipal government. It's just not the form of cash which give to Edih and his family, but all the billing for medical expenses will be paid in full RSHS Bandung City Government party.
"The most important treatment first, then if there will be details of costs from RSHS, then the costs will be reimbursed by the hospitals Tasikmalaya. But that must be considered is the cost of accommodation for family consumption and the accompanying. All costs beyond the cost of medical treatment in RSHS Bandung's family must be borne . For that, it would be nice if there was a generous donation to allow you to add a family. If I could have cared for Edih coin, "explains Head of Public Welfare, Agus Murtado.
Meanwhile, the youths in Sub Leuwiliang, led by M Yamin (30) will raise "the coin of love" for the costs of other family members while in Bandung. "We the youth care about the suffering Edih Leuwiliang. Hopefully we can lighten Edih efforts and his family," said M Yamin.
Tasikmalaya City Administration People's Welfare Division, said Agus Murtado actually Enceng Edih and dad was not back to Tasikmalaya, because there are members of the HMI that also helped in Bandung. "Since that time there has been no place in RSHS, then taken home to Edih Lembang area by members of HMI said, while awaiting further treatment efforts, 'said Agus, citing Mayor of Tasikmalaya, H Syarif Hidayat had provided a new stimulus to the family Edih, when he Pamipiran visit him in the village.
As is known the eldest of three brothers sons and daughters of the family pairs Enceng (52) and Mrs. Hayati (45) that, should not the sun. Because the skin on the body Edih quite sensitive, even when the sun will dry quickly as the former carded.
Edih tumor disease pores. Along with that, the, Edih lumps should be checked and operated out of his eyes. When he was two years old, only one eye is operated on, but now her eyes burst. "If you're crying, from a single eyelid Edih until blood came out," said Enceng.
Enceng new family a few months of his job, because his company places Enceng work no longer in operation, he was forced to rely the family and waiting for the benefactor, to relieve the suffering of her beloved children.***

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