Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lynn News

Bear Doll for Dara

The lynn news is one of the few twice-weekly newspapers in the united kingdom, published on tuesdays and fridays.
The news that the little boy kidnapping carried out by assistants, Dara Puspita Sari (3) attracted much attention of people, including the wife of the Governor of West Java, Ny. Hj Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan, on a visit to Tasikmlaya, Dara had visited, and give a gift of a teddy bear, Monday (19/4).
Visit the Governor's wife Mrs Jabar was certainly surprising. Silvia Devi (34), Dara's mother and family. So that his house is located in the region Perum Sentra Bumi Mas Blok E Kel. Indihiang Kec. Indihiang Tasikmalaya City, immediately became busy. Several neighbors also joined together, trying to look more closely at the wife of the first people in West Java.

Mrs. Hj Netty who came around at 01:30 immediately Dara face with kisses. He then picked her up and give a gift of a pink teddy bear, which is specially prepared for Dara. Moved sobs began to come out from the face of Mrs. Silvia, he had no idea if his favorite daughter is really attracting attention. "Thank you mother, for taking the time to see my child," he said.
Percapakan between them began to appear, with a little teary Mrs. Silvia tells her daughter about what happened to them. That makes Mrs. Netty was touched and deeply sympathetic to the persistence of Mrs Silvia who tried to fight his son. "Mom was tough, amid raising Dara alone must accept this ordeal," said Mrs. Hj. Netty.
Meanwhile, Dara instead busy myself hugging a doll he had just received. He looks like a plain never happened at the little girl. Even as do not want to loose, Dara continue embracing the teddy bear. "These dolls have Dara," said Dara was spoiled lap while her mother.
According to Mrs. Hj. Netty, the events that had happened to Silvia and her daughter, Dara, is a lesson for women who have careers and raise a child must remain alone. Do not let the busyness trouble making a living, so even loosened oversight function. "Still, even if we work as a career woman, the child becomes our primary concern," he explained.

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